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Based out of the state of Washington in USA, Trayvax is a company which manufactures handmade wallets. The best part about these wallets are that their minimalistic design and their ability to balance functionality and aesthetics in one piece. They are not just stylish looking wallets but they are also made to resist RFID, very much a requirement in today’s society. Apart from wallets, which are their flagship product, the company also deals in Belts and other outdoor gears. We have listed few valid trayvax coupon codes below:

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Products offered by the company includes,

Trayvax Axis – wallet designed to be functional and is best suited for adventure outdoors. The wallet comes with a heirloom warranty of 65 years alongside. You can get this in multiple colors as per your choice from zombie green to stylish onyx black. It can fit into even the slimmest of the pockets.
The element – the latest of the collection made of rugged leather, it can handle the toughest of the grit and continue to remain stylish. There is a bottle opener, customized card holder and of course the 65 year old heirloom warranty.
Summit – now this is what we call minimalistic. With cold rolled steel and the nylon webbing, the wallet also has the RFID resistance enclosed. Comes with the 65 year heirloom warranty.
Contour – another collection of wallets, but this time the focus is on luxury. But there is no compromise on the make for it uses the best materials and the best of stitching in its make.
The original – keep your cards safe from the elements of nature and otherwise using this hard anodized aluminum and steel make wallets. And it comes with RFID resistance which means you are as safe as you can get. Comes with the 65 year heirloom warranty.
Belts and Gear – There are a wide range of belts and other gears offered through this section.The gears include bottle opener, keychain, carabiners and more. Using the best of the leather and other materials, these add more style to your outfit.

Trayvax definitely presents you with a wide range of wallets, belts and other gears. And what makes it more interesting is the gift cards that they offer. So now you can gift them to your loved ones and let them choose the best. The Trayvax coupon codes are a great gift to every man that you know and for any occasion too.

How Trayvax Is Unique?

The uniqueness in the Trayvax product lies in its balance to have the best of both design and functionality. The world is innovating in every field and why should wallets be left behind? And with the increasing threats on identity theft, you need a wallet that not only carries but also protects your identity from being stolen.

  • Unique wallets which keep your identity protected with the RFID resistance in-built. Built to handle both the city hustle and the rugged terrain in the same style.
  • Highly unusual wallets which will definitely seek the attention of everyone around you.
  • Unusual but aesthetic designing is what the wallets are all about.
  • Available in multiple colors and also with accessories like bottle opener and key chain included
    in some models.
  • A tested and timed heirloom warranty which guarantees the durability of the product.
  • There are many more reasons why Trayvax is a unique brand in the wallet manufacturing and which is the reason
  • why it is also the most recommended among the wallet users.

Why Should You Choose Trayvax?

Wallet is an inevitable part of our EDC (Every Day Carry) and in today’s day and age, you need a wallet that is not just carrying your identity and card/cash but that which can safeguard them too. Here are some reasons on why you should choose Trayvax for all your wallet demands.

Best materials: It is not just the superior quality materials that are used in this product, it is also the fact that Trayvax uses materials that are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. For instance, the Element from Trayvax uses the best rugged leather while the Summit makes use of the cold rolled steel with nylon webbing in its make. Every product is paid quite a lot of attention to make sure that it delivers what it is designed for.

65 year heirloom warranty: Most of the products in the Trayvax list are offered with a heirloom warranty for 65 years. This means that the product has been tested for durability for 65 years and then has been provided to the public. Of course this doesn’t include damaging the product in any way or regular wear and tear. In fact with regular use the materials start looking even more aesthetic, as observed by many consumers.

RFID resistance: The must have in your wallet now and that is what many of the wallets from Trayvax like the Element promises to you. You can carry around your cards, as many as 10 and more, without the fear of someone reading into the identity on your credit cards without your knowledge.

Aesthetically designed: All of the wallets in Trayvax are handcrafted delicately to ensure maximum functionality with minimal design. The wallets retain their stylish look even after years of usage and render an appeal to the person who carries them.

Trayvax Reviews:

Wallets are an integral aspect in routine and having the most functional and yet safest wallet is more a necessity than a luxury. Gone are the days when it was about flaunting the best leather product in your hands, it is now the age of functionality more. And that is why Trayvax has garnered as much attention as this for it makes sure that the wallet lives up to its expectations which is carrying cash and cards while adding details like RFID resistance to make for a safe carry. The only regret that we could find with this product is that it is much more suited for men than women. Maybe Trayvax will introduce something for women too! Enjoy our trayvax coupon codes.

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