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If you are looking for healthy food made of seasonal ingredients, fresh on your table, then Sweetgreen is the place to be. The casual restaurant chain founded in 2007, it started its operation first in Washington DC and has been providing healthy casual food for all health and fitness aspirants. Their belief is founded on the fact that what we eat and where the food we eat comes from will influence not just our health but also our environment. They have branches in 8 states with the presence in more than 60 locations.

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More About Sweetgreen:

The food in Sweetgreen is sourced from the farmers in the specific locality and hence the food is more seasonal rather than enticing. You have the option to choose the below from the below categories in your menu.

  1. Seasonal – as you can guess based on what is currently available in the market.
  2. Warm bowls – it has certain cooked ingredients like warm quinoa or roasted chicken added with fresh vegetables and others.
  3. Salads – again you are bombarded with varieties with different vegetables and other ingredients in the mix.
  4. Last but definitely the most interesting is the Make your own option. You have the list of options on bases, ingredients featuring simple sumptuous vegetables, premium proteins and of course dressings made in-house. You just choose what you need and get that made for you.

The sweetgreen promo code further sweetens the deal giving you amazing discounts on the order you are placing with them.

Why should you choose Sweetgreen?

Other than the obvious reason of getting healthy food, straight from farm to your table, there are many benefits in ordering your food from Sweetgreen.

  • Best tasting healthy food: You are indulging your taste buds to a unique experience, which is similar in nature to consuming other fast foods but is completely healthy. The entire world of food industry is undergoing a revolution with more and more people swaying towards healthy food and this casual restaurant chain has done just that and done it in style.
  • Online ordering: Of course, one of the biggest feature that everyone looks up for in any product is whether it can be acquired online. And yes, Sweetgreen also allows online ordering. But they don’t deliver to your doorstep. You can make the order online and pick it up or have a delivery service pick it up. Our advice is to pick it up for it will serve as a good exercise to you.
  • Local grown food: Unlike the many restaurants which boast of lavish menu featuring exotic varieties of ingredients flown in from different parts of the world, the menu of sweetgreen boasts of ingredients locally grown to the state. There is minimal to nil usage of artificial or preserved ingredients as part of the food menu. So you can be assured of getting the most nutritious food.
  • Making your own option: The Sweetgreen has an extensive menu for those who love to have many little things added to their salad. From organic arugula to warm quinoa there are options on the base, ingredients, proteins and even dressings for your salad. If you are not very keen on ordering their pre-designed menu, you can always make your own salad. No, we are not speaking about making it at home, but rather mixing and matching them so that they can make it for you.

How is it unique?

The uniqueness of the Sweetgreen lies not in the fact that it provides healthy food. Most of the restaurants have now come up with healthy menu for the diet conscious clients. So what makes them unique from their competitors or other similar healthy food joints?

  • Healthy food available at affordable pricing and at the convenience of the customer.
  • The packaging is also not artificial for they use compostable plant based material for the purpose.
  • There is no wait in line for getting the salad you need but simply choose the order online (through website or app) and have it ready for pickup.
  • Even if you happen to visit their shop you will be surprised by the usage of technology to make the process easy for you. There are images and cues to guide you through the process of selecting your salad like a live person is giving you a tour.
  • The best part, you also get to know the number of calories in the food you have chosen displayed right at you so that you know what you are indulging in.
  • The sweetlife music festival is a classic example on how they bring together two things that can bring forth nostalgia – music and food.
  • Seasonal food brought straight from the local farms and local markets without compromising on the nutrients.

Sweetgreen reviews:

The best part about Sweetgreen is the customer service and their continuous allegiance to sustaining with organic and locally sourced products and of course the guarantee of a lifestyle that is bound to inspire you. The ingredients are chosen carefully and after much thought which clearly reflects in the taste and the marketing is quite savvy, to say the least. The options from the food choices to the counter and waiting line have been enhanced to provide the customers with an unforgettable and convenient choice.

Every food item in the menu has been given enough attention to make way for perfection and yet one might find that there is too much Kale in many of their dishes. If you are not a Kale fan, then you can go for other options or choose to make your own salad. And it is not the food that you experience in this place but it is also the overall experience on life, with the music blending into the background. And it definitely offers you something to ponder over while keeping you conscious of your health. Be it technology used in the line or the innovative food menu, Sweetgreen does provide you with a different variant from your usual likes.

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