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Ivory Ella Coupons

5 entrepreneurs started Ivory Ella in 2015 and now, it has taken a big shape. A small clothing store that has got cute elephant symbol stamped on each of their product is actually telling this society that they are helping those wild beasts from depleting. Their uniqueness not only lies in their name but also the extra steps that they have taken for the society. Ivory Ella is affiliated with many charity organizations such as Breast cancer awareness but their main priority is saving elephants. Every month, their 10% profit is going to save elephants. Enjoy the latest Ivory Ella Coupons here.

Verified Ivory Ella Coupons:

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THANKYOU – 15% off on any order(Sitewide). (Not Verified)

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HEYELOL – Use this code to get 20% off + Free Shipping on orders above $50.

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They sell many products on their website and whatever you buy from them will have their elephant logo printed. By using their products, you are not only contributing your part for saving the elephants but let the society know that you really care about them.

  • Tops: You can shop for any type of top that has cute elephant logo printed on it. You can buy any type of tops such as Long sleeves, Short sleeves, outerwear, sweatshirts, Tank tops, T-shirt hoodies and Henleys.
  • Bottoms: All bottoms that include, leggings, track pant, Sleep bottoms, jogger pants, etc can be purchased in this section.
  • Activewear: Enjoy purchasing jackets, sports bra, shorts and much more in this section.
  • Intimates: All intimates including Bralettes, Boyshorts can be purchased too.
  • Accessories: Pick any of that funky jewelry or a watch to match your clothing. Yes, they do sell all accessories ranging from popsockets, backpacks, drinkware, etc.

Furthermore, even the gift cards and Ivory Ella coupons are available that you can use it to enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience. The discounts and promotional offers of Ivory Ella further delight every customer.

Why should you choose Ivory Ella?

Ivory Ella along with saving the elephants they are letting people know how to live with the ideas of an elephant. We need to help everyone, care about their life and support the community through strength, empathy, and loyalty.

Quality products: Ivory Ella is sharing their profit with elephants, this might mislead many to think that their products are of low quality. It is not the truth, all their products are of high quality and in fact, have grabbed many positive reviews from the customers. Their clothes are comfortable as well as durable. The other products that they sell are made of high-quality materials that aids in long-lasting customer relationship.

Shopping to support elephants: By selling super cute tees, Ivory Ella is saving those beautiful animals. Yes, they desire to inspire and motivate their customers to save the elephants that are now encountering great dangers because of illegal ivory trade. So, when you buy a tee from Ivory Ella you are traveling one extra mile of donating to save elephants and of course it adds to your good dead for the day.

Online order: The online order is pretty easy and if you are a first-time shopper then you are assured to grab a discount too. Ivory Ella has a great website with easy navigation and is good at communication too.  They keep the customers up to date on their order through clear emails. Furthermore, they delight the customer with 3 elephant stickers that come attached to each package.

A wide range of products: Ivory Ella has a wide range of other products in addition to clothing. You can pick a cute elephant symbol ingrained silver charm bangle or a Rose gold bracelet with a cute elephant hanging it, all depends on your choice. They are even working on expanding their products by including, hats, hoodies, and more designs for the clothing line.

How is it unique?

The uniqueness does not lie only in their name but also in their motive too. Ivory Ella name is originated from the renowned elephant that lives in Amboseli, Kenya. Ella is the name of the elephant whereas Ivory is the white hard material from its tusk that is being hugely traded at the cost of its life. Here are few more added to their quality of uniqueness

  • Ivory Ella, unlike an ordinary clothing store it is affiliated with many charity organizations with their priority of saving the elephants.
  • It has taken those extra steps of putting efforts to stop ivory trade in Africa and has established anti Poaching laws. In fact, one of their recent moves is recruiting of ex-poachers to take up the role of game-keepers of the elephants.
  • When you buy clothes from Ivory Ella, you are actually doing charity along with enjoying your clothes. This gives a proud moment to all of the customers who buy their clothes from Ivory Ella.
  • They do have separate cancer collections in order to honor and support breast cancer research foundation.
  • It is not just a clothing store you can shop for wide range of products from jewelry to water bottles with their cute elephant symbol stamped on them.

Ivory Ella Reviews:

With millions of elephants living years back, it has now been drastically reduced to just 450, 000. In fact, 2/3 of forest elephants living in central Africa have been lost because of illegal trade of their tusks. Ivory Ella’s efforts to save those depleting gigantic animals are creating an incredible progress.  Though it has been found recently, Ivory Ella has donated nearly $600,000 to save the elephants organization. The five co-founders are sharing their 10 percent of the company’s net profit with elephants in order to save them. In fact, they are supporting more than 10 philanthropic organizations too.

Ivory Ella has mostly grabbed positive reviews from the customers since they feel that the cute clothes they purchase are actually for a great cause. The website is pretty much attractive which gives a great shopping experience to their customers. Another important feature to note here is, all their products are of high quality but comes in affordable price range. This company is helping to preserve elephants by boosting a person self-esteem so you won’t be disappointed by shopping around in Ivory Ella.

Enjoy our latest Ivory Ella discount code and visit us for more updated coupons.

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