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Skydiving is a sport that gives a great adrenaline rush. When you don’t need to do this in the sky and in a safe indoor place minus the parachute it adds even more fun. Ifly indoor skydiving never misses in giving amazing experience by allowing you to that enjoy the weightless moments.

Being an experiential entertainment company, ifly started this indoor skydiving to make the dream of flying to come to reality in a safe environment. The first indoor skydiving facility of ifly was opened in 1999 and from that time onwards it has seen an upward growth of achieving 37 locations around the world. With many locations available to book the flight, you can choose your nearest and convenient location to fly.

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The services that they offer in addition to flying are

  • Ifly indoor skydiving allows you to capture your thrilling flying moments and you can purchase the pictures and videos from them.
  • They sell many interesting gears such as shirts, and much more cool merchandise with ifly logo.
  • Ifly indoor skydiving encourages the interested customers to advance in flying or joining with their friends as return flyers.
  • They do conduct competitions to encourage this sport among many people.
  • The high flight will allow the flyers to enjoy the higher flight experience than the normal ones. The instructor will safely hold you and take you to the higher level to fill more fun to your flight experience. An additional fee is charged for this high flight and those who are interested can go for it.
  • Ifly indoor skydiving vouchers are available to redeem.

Your flying experience is going to be even more awesome when you have an ifly promo code with you.

How is Ifly unique?

The concept of skydiving in a safe tunnel under supervisions is itself a novel one. The other unique features of Ifly indoor skydiving are

  • A detailed training is provided before the flight explaining proper body position for flying and hand signals that instructors will use while you are flying.
  • A certified flight instructor with high professional knowledge who is friendly as well.
  • Customers are not needed to carry any flying things and all items like the helmet, flight suit and goggles are provided at the ifly counter.
  • A personalized flight certificate is provided after your first flight.
  • For aspiring flyers, there are different levels of courses available with ifly.
  • Ifly indoor skydiving has a great website that allows you to plan and schedule the events with ease.
  • FAQ’s and many informative are available on their website for the sake of first-timers to clear their doubts.
  • Ifly indoor skydiving vertical tunnel is built after stringent quality testing and the flight gears is designed perfectly for safety and comfort.
  • An observation time is given to each participant to have a look at others flying to gain better idea before the class begins.
  • Ifly indoor skydiving conducts an interactive STEM program for students to educate themselves in the science behind flying.

Why should you choose Ifly indoor skydiving?

Technology advancements have made the flying an accessible and enjoyable one.  Instead of jumping from a flight at the highest altitude,  Ifly indoor skydiving is offering the same experience at the safest place. Here are the benefits that one will obtain when booking a flight in  Ifly indoor skydiving

Easy Book flights option: Booking flights is pretty easy with Ifly indoor skydiving. Their online website is easy to navigate and you will be able to book the flight at a click. Flexible packages and return packages are available, furthermore, you can book pro-flyers and skydivers and even buy your flying pictures and videos to preserve the memories of those adrenaline-pumped moments.

Fantastic flying experience: With Ifly indoor skydiving, you are guaranteed of fantastic flying experience that will give an adrenaline rush for sure. Skydiving is one of the adventurous sport that involves an equal amount of risk too.  Ifly indoor skydiving gives the same experience but with no parachute or no risks instead in a safe and secure environment. Everybody can enjoy the flying moments irrespective of their age.

Party hosting:  Ifly indoor skydiving allows you to host parties. Be it a birthday party or a corporate event or a bachelor party, they have space for groups of any size. To increase the party mood, they do offer exciting flight enhancements, unique event spaces, and catering options. Parties are fun-filled moments and you can add thrill to the fun when it is hosted in  Ifly indoor skydiving.

Highly trained and certified instructor: ifly indoor skydiving instructors are highly trained to provide a great experience of the power of flight. International Bodyflight Association is the body certifying the trainers and ifly employees only certified trainers. They are very friendly and guides the customers in each and every panicking moment while flying.  To show their expertise to customers,  Ifly indoor skydiving has added a flying performance of the trainers at the end of the show.

Ifly indoor skydiving reviews:

When you experience the normal skydiving without any commitment it gives a great fun along with the thrill. With no compromise on the safety part, every single flyer is going to fly under a constant assistance from a highly qualified trainer.

Furthermore, the instructor will assist you throughout your flight and if you are a first-timer, he will help you in controlling your body in wind. The wind tunnel is operated by the operator who ensures that the wind speed is maintained at an appropriate level for each player.

Ifly indoor skydiving has grabbed mainly the positive reviews in all the locations and customers are pretty happy with the service.  Customers are completely satisfied with the professionalism of the Ifly trainers. The  STEM program for children helps them to get inspired and motivated by skydiving in addition to the fun-filled learning.

They do have a great customer support who can help you to clear all your doubts as well as book your flights. Overall, an exciting and unique experience which allows lots of adrenalin to build up to refresh your mind and body is achieved in Ifly indoor skydiving.

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